Product Leadership

Hi, I’m Rob Horan. I contract with startups, medium and large businesses. I’m based in London.

For over 15 years I’ve helped teams make products and platforms. I’ve directly led, coached, trained and mentored hundreds of individuals and teams during that time, across a significant range of sectors, domains and regions. Learn more about my Services.

I’ve worked with clients in financial services (, consumer marketplaces(eBay Classifieds), payments (Worldpay, Rvvup), loyalty propositions (O2 Priority), government (Agilisys) and even kids entertainment (Beano Studios).

I spent several years before that (in the 2000s) working with NHS apps and ERP solutions, before 5 years building my own little CRM business as a founder/developer.

A lot of my work comes from Recommendation and referral. From persistence, pain, learning, success and some luck I have gained a reputation for simplicity and practicality.

I value doing over dogma. I understand how and when to adapt practices and methods to deliver value.

If you’d like to speak and explore an opportunity together please get in touch.

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What’s the header image about?

The “Feature/Header” images on this website have been hastily made for fun by DALL-E. I prompted DALL-E to create a corporate executive covered in post-its notes representing ideas, and that the executive is paralysed by choice and scope.