What do people I’ve worked with think?

Thank you to all my clients and ex team mates for the kind words below. I’ve learned many things from them all.

Rob created processes and rigour to prioritise all moving parts effectively, driving progress and speed of delivery. As well as having excellent Product Management process knowledge, Rob is able to convey this and effect the impact of it in day to day tactical approach across the business…  

I’m delighted with the impact Rob has had.

David Nunn, CEO Rvvup (ex PayPal, ex Braintree)

Rob’s got a pragmatic, level headed and common sense approach to product development. He’s a motivational team player that’s able to drive progress, create positive ethos and instil a culture of trust and mutual respect within both his immediate teams and wider stakeholders.

Dave Hewett, Partner, Equal Experts

He has deep understanding of a range of product methodologies and can quickly get to grips with complex challenges, then apply these methodologies to deliver rapid, effective outcomes.

Neil David Watson, CXO / Board @ Rvvup

He has helped deliver what is an industry leading product thanks to his approach to his work. He is always open to new innovation and has an excellent knowledge of the digital market.

On a personal level Rob is fantastic to deal with, has a great sense of humour and is always a pleasure to deal with even when we’re in high pressure situations.

Paul Hampton, Senior Partner Engineer Spotify, ex-Amazon, ex-O2

I worked with Rob since the time I joined eBay. His passion and drive were always an inspiration. Although having an eye for details, Rob has the impressive ability to set a clear focus and priority in projects to make them a success… On a personal level, Rob is calm and really fun to work with.

Kate Reznykova, VC, Next 24 (ex-Apple, ex-eBay)

He understands that each organisation has different needs and tailors his approach accordingly. He gets ‘you’ and has brilliant tools that the both the newest of start-up or more mature corporate can easily apply from the first day of his engagement.

Rob’s knowledge of the Product development is second to none. Ask Rob how to deliver value quickly and enjoy the clear and structured guidance you’ll get in return.

John Tanner, Head of Agile Delivery, Giff Gaff ex-Worldpay

Rob and I worked together on a project team during the first lockdown. As a business, we had to pivot and react quickly to support our community.

Rob’s passion, customer centricity and management skills helped us move at pace to roll out significant product changes in a short space of time, from implementing a delivery partnership through to developing a CMS for us to be able to create content to educate and inform our customers. Rob has such a great energy and enthusiasm, always putting the customer first.

Hannah Rouch, CMO eBay Classifieds (Gumtree)

There are few people who could have achieved what Rob managed to with O2 Priority. He effortlessly navigated a landscape of multiple client stakeholders and numerous agencies – all with their own agenda and associated politics.

His stand-out skills included the ability to listen to all sides, fully understand both creative and technical opinions and balance these with a grounded dose of pragmatism that enabled delivery while maintaining innovation – quite a feat.

James Tuffs, Client Partner. R/GA London.

Rob is an ideas machine.
He can really motivate a team around
a common goal.
He’s happy to challenge the status quo.
He’s a great person for a product ramble.
He is a strong believer in good office snacks.

James Chowen, Senior Product Manager, eBay Classifieds

Rob was brought in to help mature our operational model, with a focus on instilling strong Product and Agile disciplines into the team – this he has done incredibly effectively while at the same time being Agile in the truest sense of the word, flexing our approach to meet the business need without loosing sight of the longer term operational goals which have been delivered against. Rob has been a massive success, really helped the division operationally mature, and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Tim Pitts, Senior Partner, Agilisys (Blenheim Chalcot)

Rob took a complex project with multiple products, a new team and to say the least, an ambitious deadline that was delivered to a standard that exceeded stakeholders high expectations.

He did all this whilst introducing the wider business to Agile and helping the team demonstrate its benefits. On a personal level Rob is the sort of person that knits a team together and was a pleasure to work with.

James Nation @ Head of UX Beano Studios

Rob has gravitas which comes from principally two things; a genuine love of seeing people do their best and meaningful work, and passion for organisations that are traversing the liminal space for new growth and new purpose.

Sri Ganeshwaran, Senior PM, Worldpay from FIS

I’ve worked with Rob for 2 years now at O2, on the development and evolution of Priority to our 23 million customer base. Priority has doubled its active user base over this period and is now the number one facing customer proposition for O2 at both the trading and loyalty level. Rob has been a key member towards this success.

Rob brings both a dynamic and pragmatic view into every meeting and challenge we have had over the years. He adds a perfect balance of professionalism and morale to the delivery process and the wider global team.

Rob carries a mature set of skills in the digital realm. He can add value at every stage of the process; delivery, team management and the business/marketing level.

Elliot Maher, Founder Rising Tyde (ex-O2 Product Leadership)

His knowledge and practical experience of Agile and software delivery is excellent. This along with his witty northern personality makes him an ideal coach for any company and a great person to have around during transformation or delivery phases.

Change is hard, we all know that, but having a Rob in the mix certainly brightens up the day and his passion and experience guides you through the darkest days.

Hire him as your coach, you wont regret it.

John Rigby, Head of Product Worldpay

Before Rob arrived, the project was somewhat stale and had diverged off-piste from what the requirements truly were, to deliver the product the business really wanted.

Rob was able to listen to the business, the customers, developer feedback, instigate and manage a pivot, in such a way that we were able to successfully prove out new ways of working and show a clear way forward.

Richard Leap, Senior Full Stack Engineer

I was immediately impressed with the way that Rob was able to slice through the existing decisions to determine what really held business and customer value, and by the way he facilitated a healthy and highly productive environment of innovation and change. He was not afraid to ask difficult questions, both of developers and of the existing product.

Josh Hilliard, Full Stack Node Engineer

All the above Recommendations are snippets from those received via LinkedIn. If you wish to see more please connect and view my professional profile here.

Thank you if you made it this far!

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