Are Stories > Tasks?

Stories are fundamentally great at passing on information. Why?

✅ Stories are a method of preparing your brain to consume and remember information. It‘s a method proven over thousands of years…

🗣️Throughout history (despite no access to Jira) the civilisations and the billions of humans before us, have used Stories to not only educate their children, but pass on information, tradition, entertainment and guidance to one another.

📚History is formed of Stories. The future is created by them. We are almost genetically hard wired to absorb information in a Story format. In any Story there is a person or a group. Then a condition or scenario that occurs. And then an outcome. An ending.

❤️As humans it’s in our nature to try and empathise with the person in the Story. The condition and the outcome plays on our own experiences, understanding and empathy. What happens when you listen to a Story is totally different to what happens in your brain when you receive a task. Tasks lack empathy, they are purely instructions to do something. Your body and brain react biologically, chemically and psychologically differently to Tasks than they do Stories.

👶🏼If you want proof, look at the reaction of a child when you tell them to do something they don’t want to do. 😂 Compare that to how they react when you tell them a story. Their reactions are our unfiltered, unrefined core instincts and behaviours.

📺Every aspect of our modern lives have been built around Stories. From childhood (one upon a time). Education. Entertainment (e.g.Hollywood, Neflix). Religion (e.g. Bible). Social media (e.g. Insta Stories, Shorts)…. And yes even software engineering.

🧠Whether you realise it or not, Stories are probably the first way you learned anything that was written or passed down. Every parent has told their kids a bed time story. No parent gives their kids a bedtime Task. They’re called “chores” and are typically hated.

✅Stories work because they put you in the place of the character. Or the person writing the Story. They can be boring or exciting. Happy or sad. But good ones are memorable and that’s the point. They create an understanding and teach the person reading.

Everything in life is a Story. So go write some 👍🏻🚀